Social Media Roundup – February’18

We have entered the second month of social media roundup of 2018; February has been a busy month in the social media world, with many of the big hitters updating their ease-of-use for both users and brands. From the developments on Instagram stories to a new Facebook algorithm, here are some updates you need to make a note of.


Instagram is testing out a new Story feature that will enable you to share public Instagram posts. Yes! So your post can be shared directly to someone’s stories in one click. The tool includes a range of presentation settings, including resizing, with the background color set to the dominant color of the image. The original poster’s details are included with the reused post, but some users may wish to disable sharing through a new setting.  Also, Instagram has come up with a new feature which alerts a user when someone screenshots their Story. They will receive a warning the first time they screenshot, but from then on, the user will be notified.

Snapchat users can now add GIPHY’s animated GIFs to their stories; Snapchat users can now access the GIPHY library by tapping the sticker icon near the top-right corner of the screen once they’ve taken a photo or video Snap. From there, they can view a list of GIPHY stickers, as well as animated stickers created by the Snapchat team. Users can also search for GIFs manually.


In order to increase customer engagement, Facebook will now be boosting local events and new stories from high-quality sources. “We’re making a series of updates to show more high-quality, trusted news. Last week we made an update to show more news from sources that are broadly trusted across our community. Today our next update is to promote news from local sources,” writes Zuckerberg.


Twitter has now introduced a new sponsorship opportunity in which advertisers can run tweets designed around a specific event or theme. Now, other in-stream sponsorships, advertisers can promote the moment to their specific target audience and expand their reach beyond the content partner’s existing followers, by doing this Twitter is hoping to create more opportunity for organic reach for users or brands.


Social Media Round up – January’18

This New Year brings in some intriguing changes in the world of social media and few major updates. So, January is here and we hope your New Year resolutions are lasting longer. Here are few tidings which keep you update on your favorite social media channels, here we go:


Facebook caused a move by announcing a major update to what users see on their newsfeed. Although it is being implemented slowly, it has announced that it’s going to switch its focus from the public and ‘generic’ content, to engagement from your friends and family being seen the most on your timeline. They have recently announced that some big changes are coming to our newsfeeds, are you ready? We’re going to start seeing a lot more of our friend’s posts and far fewer of the organic posts released by brand pages.


Since the starting of the year, you may have noticed that your feed isn’t just showing up the people and hashtags you follow but it is also giving you a list of recommended posts and users as well. Also, Instagram has now introduced an option to highlight certain stories at the top of your profile, meaning they can now have a longer lifespan than the original 24 hours and can be re-watched by users who want to know more about a certain product or news of your business has to offer.


Twitter is now making a difference for all the users viewing your business-centric content. Now no more text will be cut off, or a vital part of the image, such as a face, not being seen without clicking further in to the image. The new feature will focus on salient regions of the image to ensure cropping is effective for both Twitter’s display and the marketer’s post.


Memes that made us LOL in 2017!

The year produced some of the most creative meme’s in recent memory and many of them were hilarious where you couldn’t stop laughing. We were blessed with quite a lot of meme’s last year whilst some of them will last a lifetime but some of them might have been missed with a blink of an eye, so we have accumulated few which really defined the year, so scroll down and check out the memes that had been floating around your timelines in 2017!

Trash Dove

Trash Doves is a set of Facebook sticker which features a large-eyed purple pigeon in various situations, the most notable of which is an animated sprite of the bird vigorously thrashing its head up and down, which became viral on social media.

Aao kabhi haveli pe

 Every time Amrish Puri said it, we cowered in fear. Every time these guys said it, we burst out laughing!

Ye bik gaye hai gorment

The meme is about a Pakistani woman going on an abusive rant against the government which went viral last year followed by her video. This also made a huge hit on social media in the mid of 2017.

IT meme!

IT Memes will make you Laugh. 

Distracted boyfriend

A photo series in which a man looks at the backside of a woman walking by while another woman presumably his romantic partner, looks on disapprovingly.


Salt Bae

Salt Bae is a nickname given to Turkish chef, who was widely discussed because of a video in which he flamboyantly sprinkles salt on a carved steak, and the internet has turned this meme into a wide-ranging array of relatable jokes.

Thai Political Crisis Breakup meme

Thai Political Crisis Breakup is a series of exploitable webcomics about a man deciding not to have sexual relations with a woman because of a picture on her dresser.


Roll Safe meme

This meme is often captioned with various jokes mocking poor decision making and failures in critical thinking.


KBC Meme

India’s favorite quiz show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” was renewed for its 9th season this year, but the show also made a buzz on social media due to its hilarious memes of the iconic dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan.


Measurement: The Core Value of today’s PR World

Public Relations (PR), an industry that has been there supporting the marketing world since very long but remained under the cover has gained much recognition and appreciation in the recent times. And with every passing year PR firms are proving their worth much more effectively in delivering credible and involving messages that are all a good mix of durability, effectiveness and  relatively cost- saving.  The long lasting, effective and being inexpensive combo offers a strong return-on-investment (ROI). And while working towards a positive ROI, PR professionals need to make sure they assess and measure their PR output and outcomes.

As measurement becomes the sole objective to be effective with in this hyper paced PR world, practitioners need to focus more on research and evaluation to set objectives, develop strategy, and improve performance over time. A number of concerns solved with research and evaluation are:

  • Validation of efforts: There is value in validating what one has in his/ her knowledge because one never knows that a PR success for them might not be a victory for those funding the program. In addition, one never knows what new facts and information one might learn that is both transformative and benefitting for their work.
  • Clarity of Objectives: The setting up of research and measurement criteria involves those present at the senior management desk thus confirming that the objectives adequately reflect the brand’s requirements. The defining process itself offers the PR practitioners an immense scope of learning and prioritizing experience.
  • Results lead to growth: The results of the research done to analyze the PR activities are not to be used as a measurement scorecard. Instead, it needs to be looked upon as feedback helping the professional in ensuring the delivery of a better PR results.

It’s vital for the PR companies to advocate the ROI thinking in their PR professionals to ensure constant delivery of success amongst all the clients of the firm. Once the commitment to measurement gets developed then there is no looking back and the only destination for the PR journey is success and appreciation.

Startups will be more dependable on PR agencies in 2018

Startups are the ones who do need so much of exposure to establish them. It is not an easy affair as it needs a lot of budgets and also effort. The PR firms for startups are making things much easier. There is no more the hassle with the company or the amount of money they were spending before. Spending much less than what is required to get the similar or more exposure is something of great help to the startups, and 2018 is going to just add-on the importance of PR for the startups. It is also important for the companies to know when and why to hire the PR firms for startups.

Major Reasons for Hiring PR Agency for Startups

  • Rebuilding the Core Story of the Company: The core story of the company needs to be presented well so that it is very easy for them to reach the prospective customers. The agency that one hires can be of great help in creating a story and image for the company thus making it very easy for reaching out to the intended crowd. The core story should have the problem which the company solves and also the source of the idea. The PR companiescan be of great help for the startups in getting this done.
  • Highlight their Specialty: The PR companieshelp the startups in understanding their specialty that can be used as a way of attracting the potential customers. It is this special feature that needs to be used as the way for hooking the potential customers. Every company should highlight what they are good at and that is the reason which is going to make a huge difference for them.
  • Beneficial Connections: It can be indeed a very difficult task to break into the network of the industry experts. The PR servicesensure that they provide a very good list of the qualified contacts who can connect to them through companies during past. Having contact with the authenticated ones in the industry can make huge differences for the startups as they get a better door to enter the industry much easier.
  • Writing in Your Name: The writings for capturing the brand’s voice are a possibility through the PR services. A reputed agency can be of great help to the startup in getting the contents framed with the details that one is looking for. It may not always be possible for the startups to have their own writers and to hire an agency gives them away for handling the content that they need for promoting their brand.

The agency should be chosen for a startup especially in the year 2018 as there are so many possibilities to make use of so that they get themselves established well. PR agency help in understanding more about the scope and possibilities of the company so that they can aid in establishing the startup. In the year 2018, there are fewer possibilities for a startup to survive without a PR.

PR benefits in the current scenario

In the recent times, marketing and advertising world has seen quite a lot of buzz revolving around PR (Public Relations). Quite a good number of marketers are aware of the importance PR hold in the world of marketing but there are still many who aren’t even familiar with the world PR and what it is all about.  Following are the true benefits of public relations and why it is important for marketers:

  • Helps in targeting ideal marketing and advertising techniques
    Flushing out money in traditional marketing in today’s marketing scenario is an immensely expensive thing to do. It can be tough to have so many options available to advertise but not knowing which to opt considering all costs and benefits.  PR Companies in Delhi can help with advertising the brand and its business organically without much waste of time, money and other resources. The PR professionals have PR tools like campaigns, interviews, press coverage and digital PR that can save both money and can build brand otherwise.
  • Creates wider market reach
    Outsourcing the work to a PR Agency makes it easier to create a targeted campaign. If the market is for teenagers, the PR team will craft a strategy using different magazines and other media outlets that on-point targets the market client needs to reach. Whether it’s a video marketing strategy or a social media influencer marketing, PR experts can help a brand easily connect to the right people and media outlets, within the stipulated time without much wastage.
  • Chisels out a positive image
    Businesses, celebrities, brands and any organization will work with a public relations company not just to promote something but to simply amplify their image. PR firms can shed light on positive aspects and can cover anything negative about the brand. Effective PR strategies allow the brand to attain a positive image both on online and offline channels, which benefits the company in longer run.

Build strong media connections
If one wish to maximise their personal or brand’s image on any media channels be it online or offline then the best way to reach media channels is through PR channels.  PR professionals have strong connections with top media outlets and media professionals that help in building up a strong path for the client’s brand to grow efficiently and get the needed marketing. They put on all the efforts and get the client’s in touch with all possible media channels to get client’s name seen.

Boost your CSR campaigns with right PR strategies

CSR initiatives are the one which provides a much powerful differentiating factor for the business. The customers prefer spending the money with the companies that are socially and environmentally conscious companies. They also make use of the CSR of the organization as a means for delivering the responsibility for doing good. Every organization needs to make their customers aware of their efforts and programs through which they work for the social cause. Many of the customers consider this as a major aspect to choose an organization. PR agencies come into the picture in the context of marketing the CSR campaigns by the organization.

How does the PR agencies help in boosting the CSR Campaigns

  • Familiarize with CSR Practices and Trends: The PR agencies ensure that they help the organizations understand the CSR trends and the practices that are prevalent in the industry. They have experts who are going to help the organization understand what they have to do in terms of CSR that is going to help them in grabbing the attention of their customers.
  • See What Others Do: PR services help the organizations understand what their competitors are doing. It is indeed a great help for them in understand the way they have to form their strategies. It is a great help for them in understanding what they should be doing to get their work done effectively.
  • Understand the Audience: The media relations firms are available to help in understanding the audience. It is always something very helpful for them to get an understanding of whom they are focusing with. The PR services help in knowing the audience through different ways that they offer.
  • Identify the Influencers: The branding firms in Delhi helps them in understanding the influencers in the industry. Thy help in listing the influencers so that it becomes easier for the company to work on their strategies to get the attention of the people whom they want to be with. Try to choose what is most suitable for the one but not based on few of the keywords. The media relations firms make use of the best means to influence the potential buyers.
  • Building Relationships on Social Networking Media: Relationship with the customers need to be maintained well so that they get acquainted with the products and services of the organization and also can be much easier to keep them connected and also stay tuned with the company. The relationships that are maintained online helps the companies in promoting themselves and also to understand what their customers feel.
  • Employees: The branding firms in Delhi also understand the importance of employees and they take care of them by motivating them to adapt the changes. The employees are the roots and so it should come from the bottom to top.

The CSR Programs work effectively when the PR firms hired comes with the right strategies for different levels so that it works much effective. CSR cannot work as effective as you want without a good PR firm hired for the job.