Role of Public Relations in different sectors

As we all know it is only in the twentieth century that public relations came to be codified, formalized and practiced as a profession. However, it is as old as the human race. Every organization, institution, and individual has public relations whether or not that fact is recognized. As long as there are people, living together in communities, working together in organizations, and forming a society, there will be an intricate web of relationships among them.


The good will of the public is the greatest asset that any organization can have. A public that is well and factually informed is not only important; without’ it, an organization cannot survive long. Therefore, the starting point for good public relations in any organization is the development of sound policies that are in the public interest. Public understanding and approval must be deserved before they can be earned.

Role of Public Relations in different sectors-

  • Role of PR in Government Sector-
  1. Implementation of public policy.
  2. Assisting the news media in coverage of government activities.
  3. Reporting the citizenry on agency activities.
  4. Increasing the internal cohesion of the agency.
  5. Increasing the agency’s sensitive to its public’s.
  6. Mobilisation of support for the agency itself.
  • Role of PR in Public Sector- Why do Public Sector Need PR?
  1. Contributes to national economy
  2. Is profitable and productive core sector.
  3. Has social commitment
  4. Contributes to revival of sick units
  5. Primary function of PR is to build image of public sector companies and tell the world about contribution made towards the economic and social well being of the people.
  • Role of PR in NGO-
  1. PR support is required for raising fund.
  2. NGO survives on public perception and support for this communication plays an important role.
  3. NGO projects itself as a service-oriented organization in order to attract the attention of charitable trusts and donors for financial help.
  4. It relates to the dissemination of information about is services and plans so as to enable people to make use of them for their betterment.
  5. NGO maintains good media relations so that media carries message both to donors and beneficiaries and build an image of an organization.
  6. The best way of promoting NGOs is not as costly as advertising and when properly handled PR can produce more positive results in fund raising, media coverage, and projection of organization.
  • Role of PR in Startups-
  1. Go Social- The power of Facebook and Twitter can help as marketing devices to help you emerge
  2. Share your knowledge – Sharing your knowledge regularly by publishing blogs, writing articles or newsletters can bring you a great fan following.

Hire Interns- The interns are nowadays struggling to find good internships. Use them and build a reputation. A good reputation will ultimately lead to good business.

Why Public Relations is Must for Startups

Public Relations is the practice of managing and spread of information between an individual and organization. Public relations bring together an organization/ individual and the target audience. It identifies the right image to be projected.  Everyone needs public relations, as it builds hold to sustain in the market, gives recognition and also builds a credible image which in turn is beneficial for the company in the long run.

More startups are coming up because now the concept is getting cleared that PR is much more than writing a press release. They earn trust on behalf of their clients through persuasive media. Social media is mostly used by the media outlets to convey their messages and vision to the general public. The information through public relation is exposed to a larger piece of the audience. They build a positive image about the company in the minds of the people, instead of communicating the message to the local audience it reaches a global platform. Public Relations helps the organization to raise itself from a time of intense difficulty or danger, which hinders the positive image of the company. It also minimizes the negative publicity that could affect the image of the company negatively.

This popular magic wand of public relations is used in  Political Parties, Government Organizations, Telecom sector, Hospitals and much more such sectors.

Startups focuses on all the possible services one can be provided with which may be namely

  • Traditional PR
  • Content writing
  • Digital PR
  • SMO
  • SEO
  • Translations

 Public Relations ensure a smooth cycle of communication where a message reaches the target audience which influences the audience and in turn brings success to the brand. One of the major role PR plays is to shape the public view in the favor of the company, how a brand mental image is in the mind of the audience. It is a vital process as it is very difficult to change the mental image once created in the minds of the audience. Public relations specialists establish and maintain relationships with an organization’s target audience the media and other opinion leaders.

 Building healthy image and relationships with the stakeholders, investors are also important as they help in brand extension and brand expansion.

Objectives of the startups:

  • Building Product Awareness
  • Creating Interest
  • Providing Information
  • Stimulating Demand
  • Reinforcing the Brand

 In order to achieve success in public relations requires a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of each of the client. The ultimate motive is not money making but its consumer benefit and satisfaction. Because in the long run money are numbers and satisfied consumers will be retained for a longer time. At the end of the day, sycophancy is more important than money.

Role of Public Relations in Building the Image of Startups

Public Relations are the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics. They are all about reputation- the result of what you do, what you say and what other say about you” and “public relations practice is the discipline which looks after reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behavior”.

It helps an organization and its publics to adapt mutually to each other, and effective interaction and, communication with their key publics.

Nowadays Public relation is very necessary for the company as it builds the image of the company or the organization and gives recognition to the media.

Moreover, startup companies are coming up due to the digitization and therefore, Public relation job is not limited to a job of writing press releases only but now it has extended to various different tasks. They gain trust on behalf of their clients through effective media.

Social media is most the most prominent medium in compare of today’s scenario. It is most easy to get connected to every media person and to convey messages and ideas to common people easily.

Public relation involves a whole lot of communication process where cooperation speaks to its public and the public seeks to listen to the organization as beneficiaries of organizational services and products. It is this communication process that makes each other understands better. Inherent in all this is that they how these activities are to be planned and managed effectively in a structured way to the advantage of both the organization and the public concerned. They build a positive image about the company in the mind of people and also help in minimizing the negative publicity. So for that Public Relations professional has the immense responsibility upon them as they are the one information’s are being exposed to a larger group of audience.

They are working in every sector whether it is for political parties, governmental organization, hospitals, educational organization or in any other sectors.

Startup PR companies focus on the traditional PR, content writing, digital PR, SMO, SEO, and translation.

Public relation practice is the discipline concerned with the reputation of an organization (or product, services or individuals) with the aim of earning understanding and support.

PR is a communication that combines the work of all departmental communication of an organization in relation to reaching their respective public on the one hand, and also promotes public relations culture, within and outside the organization to persuade and influence the segmented public towards organizational goals on the other hand.

The most important function of public relations is to assess the reactions of stakeholder toward organizational policies and keep the management constantly informed with such feedback reports. As they help in building brand extension and expansion.

Therefore it summarizes that the public relation is necessary for any organization to gain public understanding and to gain success in the field of business.

Social Media Roundup May

Social-media-news-monthly-round-up (1).jpg

2017 is passing by real quick! Another month has gone, and it’s time to update ourselves with all that’s happened in the Social Media World. So let’s go through the roundup that we might have missed!


  • Twitter has a new feature! Secondary ‘Requests’ Inbox for DMs is now available for all Tweeples and its pretty much going to make our lives a lot better. Breathe in easy all you peeps. The DM feature which will sort your incoming messages into those from people you follow and those from people you don’t, which will go to a new ‘Requests’ folder. Of course, this only applies if you’ve opted to receive direct messages from anyone. So whatcha waiting for? Go check our this cool new twitter element.


  • Facebook remains the dominant social media platform – In terms of user growth and engagement, with 6 million. Baby Boomers joining between July 2015 and December 2016, Facebook is still ruling the Social Media world. And as user numbers keep surging, engagement also remains high in Facebook’s most lucrative market. Facebook is and remains important for advertisers and essential for news publishers. Mark Zuckerberg would be pretty stoked to read the statistics.


  • Instagram introduced new advertising objectives for Stories. Instagram has introduced new objectives for its Instagram Stories ads, and now it really looks like it will become hard for Snapchat to monetise its platform with something else than geofilters…. Harsh? We think so! Also if you haven’t already noticed, Instagram stories now allow us to use filters (almost cloning into Snapchat!). A little clichéd but we still think they are kind of cute.


  • Facebook now allows advertisers to create Lookalike Audiences based on customer lifetime value, by first creating a Custom Audience that has value as a data type. Lookalike Audiences are a great way to reach new people who may be interested in your messages – simply because they are so similar to the people who are already responding to them.


  • Snapchat is getting cooler in more ways than we can think (Although Instagram might be winning the race in terms of the stories feature) The latest update allows us to create an “our story” specifically allowing friends you choose from your list to add to your stories. So if there’s a girls night out all you have to do is create a story let all those selected friends contribute for the night! It’s more like a Snapchat’s version of a group chat. How cool is that?


  • Skype is now relaunching with a complete makeover and numerous new features. Most of its new features are directly inspired from rivals like Messenger and Snapchat. Forget the focus on free audio and video calls, Skype is now an all-around messaging app, with a strong focus on conversations and the use of the camera. But even more noticeable are “Highlights,” the new storytelling feature on Skype, which is nothing but a Snapchat copycat (one more.) Highlights are available for one week, not 24 hours like on Snapchat, Messenger or Instagram. Also, your Highlights are not shared with your whole Skype network, but only with the people who have opted in to follow your Highlights. Finally, followers get to react to your Highlights with Emoji, which happen to look (a lot) like Facebook’s Reactions: something new something old. But we millennials have got to deal with it!

So these were a few updates for all you millennials. Watch out for the next round up!

10 Facebook Marketing Tips

There’s a lot of info on Facebook marketing which is consistently given to readers and like its new, exclusive, secret information. Many of you must have already read and re-read them again and again over the past few years. But there are a few valuable strategies that can help you increase the engagements on your Facebook page.

10 Facebook Marketing Tips Which Don’t Go Without Saying –

  • Hide the comments of “Trolls” instead of deleting them – This is a pretty smart idea to avoid the spam traffic on your page. If you hide the troll comments, your fans will not be able to see it but the Troll and their friends will still be able to see it. Trolls only aim for you to delete their comments so that they can further denounce you. So DON’T delete a Troll comment next time.


  • Cross Promote on Facebook and Instagram – It is believed that images posted to Facebook from Instagram receive greater organic reach than Faceook originals. Facebook is trying to encourage cross-platform usage and Pages which do so are being rewarded. It has been trying hard to reach people to use both Facebook and Instagram for cross promotion wherever possible. Hence cross- promoting content plays a key role in their marketing strategy.


  • Upload videos to Facebook directly rather than embedding a YouTube video – This one is rather easy. When posting, just upload the original video file, rather than embed a YouTube URL.


  • If you’re looking to generate leads or subscribers from Facebook, keep them on the platform – Instead of posting a link and sending people off-platform from your page, drive them to a Tab with your form, Facebook contest page or landing page embedded. The conversion rate thereby increases. But if you post a link and send them off, they will drop off.

You tab these following things to increase engagement –

  • Contests and Promotions
  • Event Pages
  • Calendars/Schedules
  • Pricing or Plans Pages
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Pinterest/Instagram Feeds


  • Use geographic targeting if you have a larger fanbase on Facebook – If you are in India, try targeting a post at the Western time zone exclusively, then Mountain Time, then Pacific Time. Posting at a particular EST means your PST Fans are still asleep. Hence post three times and geo-target instead!


  • Be active in the comment section – Commenting with a question on your own post can give people the impetus they need to respond or ask the question they wanted to ask all along. Hence it is necessary to start a conversation yourself first.


  • Optimize your Facebook page for search – These days people are using Facebook’s search more and more as a way to find a business. Hence optimizing your page for that search is a must. Make your page findable to drive more customers. Ensure your business’ relevant keywords are included in your Facebook Page information with a high density. Include a link to your website in the first 75 characters of your Page info. Ensure your Posts include relevant keywords related to your business.


  • Focus on getting Fans to complete the videos you upload – the most important strategy for getting video completing rates up on Facebook is to add large fonts. Since Facebook videos don’t automatically play with sound, so a big component of getting people to watch is helping them understand what your video is about in the first place. A countdown timer is a necessity to let people know how long the video is. Find a way to “reveal” something within your video – a new product, a new campaign, a new employee. Do so only after the halfway point.


  • Never ask for Likes, Comments or Share – Since the “misinformation” scandal of the 2016 presidential election, Facebook is doing a number of things to ensure all the posts that go up are authentic. Pages posting spam or trying to game feed by doing things like asking for likes, comments or shares are specifically mentioned.


  • Use a Facebook contest to create engagement but, more than that, drive sales – Make sure to run your contest in conjunction with an event or holiday exclusively relevant to your target market. Choose prizes appealing exclusively to your target market. Use the networks of your entrants to spread your campaign’s reach.  Follow up your Facebook contest with an email campaign with prize-related discounts. These few tips are surely going to increase engagement on your page.

Facebook marketing is not an easy task. It is more about pushing the envelope – doing the things you know you should, but also trying new and different things. Testing and trialing are crucial components of Facebook Marketing. So the next time you want to try something new, keep these 10 tips in mind.

Social Media Round Up- April


We are just 5 months into 2017 and so much has already happened! So we are going to take you for a quick round up on what had transpired in the month of April. Read on…

Twitter –

Location sharing in DM’s – On April 3, Twitter announced a new customer service feature for businesses: the ability to request and share locations in Direct Messages. Twitteratties now have the option to ignore the location requests, share a precise location, or pick a place name from a list.

Twitter Lite – On April 6th, Twitter introduced Twitter Lite which is designed to minimize data usage, load quickly on slow connections, work well on unreliable mobile networks, and take up less than 1MB of storage. It is available globally.

In- Stream Video Ads – This was rolled out on 18th April. Brands can now run In-Stream Video ads—including pre-roll and mid-roll ads—to align with videos from Amplify partners (including TV networks, sports leagues, publishers, and more).

Facebook –

Rocket icon – Many Facebook users started spotting a rocket ship icon on their mobile app. Positioned next to the main News Feed icon, the rocket ship shows users popular posts from people and Pages they haven’t followed or liked. This would help people find relevant pages that they might be interested in but haven’t been following.

Suggestions for Messenger Assistant M – On April 6, Facebook announced the launch of suggestions from M, the company’s AI Messenger assistant. M suggests helpful actions in chat in order to expose users to features they may not be aware of.

Augmented Reality Camera Effect – This platform allows artists and developer to create their own effects—masks, frames, interactive filters, and fresh art—for the Facebook camera. Frame studio and AR studio was also launched.

Instagram –

New Direct Messages – Instagram updated their Direct Messaging on the 11th of April. enabling users to make their conversations more visual. Text and re-shares will now appear in the same thread as disappearing photos and videos for a more seamless experience. Isn’t it cool? Instagram just gets cooler every minute! No wonder it’s going to be a favorite app.

Stories and direct Updates – All the Instagram users can now take mini-selfies and post them as stickers and add anywhere on their Instagram Story or to disappearing messages in Direct. Users can also pin stickers, text, and selfie stickers to a specific spot in a video or Boomerang. The Geostickers are also another cool new feature. If you haven’t tried them all, you definitely should! Also, users can now tap and hold the hands-free mode button to set a timer that counts down to when the video begins.

Collections – This was introduced so that users can organize saved posts. When users save a post, they can create and name a new collection or add the post to an existing one.

Youtube –

Youtube Go Beta in India – This features video recommendations tailored to user preferences, is designed to be offline first, gives users more control over data usage, and allows for easier video sharing.

Snapchat –

World Lenses – This feature is a new way for users to engage with Lenses. World Lenses let users activate their rear-facing camera to interact with their environment using augmented reality. Cool, right?

It looks like 2017 is really going good so far social media! Can’t wait for what’s in store this month. Stay tuned!!

SEO + PR= Effective Digital Marketing


Whenever changes are brought up in an ongoing process, there is always a risk involved. Either they might result in profit or can land you in big trouble by disrupting the whole process. And, when changes are adopted in a dynamic scenario, like that of a digital marketing space, the intensity of risk becomes much higher. But, all thanks to the similarities in the skill set of creating great content and reaching out to other people that merging of SEO and PR didn’t cause much disruption in the digital landscape.  Without creating any chaos, both the marketing entities are closely working together within a newly integrated and much evolved digital marketing space.

Nowadays, the better the content and premium sites linking, the better will be your rank in search engine’s result pages. Therefore, to get good SEO rank the site needs to have insightful and appealing content that can get links from great sites. However, the PR professionals are already familiar with this phenomenon. They target the larger publications with great content linking’s. Therefore, we can say that quality content and links are the glue binding to search engine optimization and public relations together.

 There is a myth that working in collaboration with other team of professionals will overshadow the performance of one’s own team. But, the actual reality contradicts all that is being stated in the age-old myth. One needs to understand that working in collaboration will assist in learning new skills, thereby, widening your area of expertise and knowledge. PR professionals aren’t taught about the impact of online earned media and keyword ranking in SEO. Similarly, SEO professionals don’t know much about media outreach in which PR professionals hold expertise. So, while working together both the PR and SEO professionals must reach out to their counterparts to better understand their jobs and roles. This would help in achieving the company goals more effectively and efficiently.

While working as a whole, both the SEO handling and PR teams need to make sure that they communicate well and do not wind up duplicating the workload. The growth of the company can be amplified when the teams start sharing content with one another. By sharing content that’s already been created, a team can help others in taking a cue from it or using it for another purpose, thereby making their content more functional.

PR and SEO will always remain their entities offering their own significant features to the marketing landscape. But, that doesn’t mean that the two can’t be combined to create effective digital marketing strategies resulting in rewards and benefits.